January 14, 2015: The Utah Arts Alliance and Midnight Records Productions have acquired the legendary and iconic Counterpoint Studios building at 2335 S. West Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah 84115.

Midnight records Productions moved into Studio A at Counterpoint Studios in January of 2014 and were immediately impressed with the sound quality of the rooms, all of which have extensive acoustical treatment including reflection, diffusion and absorption. The quality of the live recordings being captured is exceptional and is in tune with our recording philosophy of recording in the air, not in the box. Our high quality microphones, and analog preamps, compressors, limiters and effects processors are being used to their full potential at Counterpoint Studios. Studio A consists of a large and comfortable control room, a large and inviting live room, two great isolation rooms and a vocal booth. An artist‘s lounge and kitchen round out the onsite amenities that make recording experiences at Counterpoint productive and memorable.

Also acquired are the prized Fazioli grand piano and the fabulous GenElec monitor speakers, both are exceptional recording and monitoring instruments of the highest caliber.

In keeping with our commitment to high quality analog sound and recording techniques, MRP has also acquired a bevy of tape recording machines including a much coveted Studer A80 24 channel, 2 inch tape recorder, an Otari MTR-20, 1/2 inch tape mastering machine and several Ampex AG-440 1/2 inch tape mastering machines. For the analog purist, we can now record 24 channels direct to tape, mix and master to tape and go direct to vinyl without ever touching a digital device.

To provide a non-compromising high fidelity analog signal path to the tape machines, we have acquired a to-die-for Audient ASP 8024 32 channel analog recording console. This is the same machine used by Pete Townsend and many legendary recording artists and studios.

At MRP we are dedicated to providing the highest quality recording services possible including analog mixing and mastering services by our head engineer, Terrance DH, DH Audio Services.

New equipment recently added to our arsenal include: Lynx Aurora, Audient ASP 8024, Studer A80, Otari MTR-20, Ampex AG-440.

Midnight Records Productions is the Recording Arts program of the Utah Arts Alliance, a 501c3 not-for-profit arts organization. Our mission is to provide affordable and high quality recording services for local bands, singer/songwriters, instrumentalists, performing artists, voice-overs and commercials. In addition, we provide music publishing, distribution and music videos.

Midnight Records Productions is affiliated with Gregory C. Haynes and offers high quality and affordable videography services.

MRP welcomed independent producer and audio engineer Jud Powel into our roster of 5 audio engineers working out of Studio A.

New clients and projects recorded at the new Counterpoint Studios facility include:

  • JJ Jennings, singer/songwriter, new Traveling Man album.
  • Candy's River House, two new singles, Downtown and Lead Me Home.
  • Dark Seas, new single, Lonely Eyes.
  • Lavish, new album, La Neta.
  • Steffon Olson, 12 new songs.
  • Season of the Witch, new EP.
  • Johanna, Johanna, new 8 song album.
  • Jim Guss, 4 new songs.
  • Stone Age, 4 song Demo.
  • Jimi Toro, piano recording.
  • Michael Christensen, 2 new songs.
  • Mr. Leroy Stedman, 5 song EP.
  • Scott Madson, 5 song EP.


August 1, 2013: Midnight Records Productions Main St. studio is closing August 18, for the new studio remodeling and move to the UAA Art Hub, 663 West 100 S., opening in September. Terrance DH, DH Audio Services will do interim recording at his studio. The UAA The Cube performing arts venue drawings are in for a building permit, should start construction in 30 days.

July 29, 2013: Midnight Records Productions 501c3 not-for-profit music publishing has been approved by BMI, moving forward with publishing MRP signed bands to collect royalties on their behalf.


In the Studio: The studio has been busy all spring and summer and we are excited to be working on a lot of very cool projects:

  • Max Pain and the Groovies are currently recording their new album and have tracked 5 new songs so far. The recording process was interrupted for several weeks while the Groovies completed a successful national tour aimed at increasing their fan base in anticipation of the release of their new album.
  • Lucid 8 are completing vocal tracks for a 14 song album that will knock your socks off and they have written new songs for another album. Having recently played at the Sugarhouse Park 4th of July celebration, the guys are pumped up and raring to do more live shows.
  • South of Ramona has just completed a 5 song EP and are out gigging.
  • The Animals Know have completed recording two hot new songs are schedule to start on another August 30th, 31st, September 1st and 2nd. They recently played live at Library Square in Salt Lake and are looking for more opportunities to perform.
  • Rule of the Bone has completed a four song demo and are scheduled to start recording an album in a few weeks. Their recent live show was well received by the crowd and they proved that they have what it takes to be great entertainers. More to come from this talented and motivated foursome.
  • Isle of Skye is back in the studio recording new material after the successful release of their debut album, Caber Toss, last year.
  • Ogden's prog rocker's, Athena's Score, have just finished recording a four song demo for marketing live gigs and are scheduled to start recording an album in September.
  • Dark Seas had just started recording a new album when a lineup change put the project on temporary hold. Recording is scheduled to resume in September.
  • YYBS is in the studio starting to explore sounds and ideas for their next album.
  • Local singer/songwriter, Craig Keyes, has started a new album and has four songs underway so far.
  • Country crooner Marshall Lee completed a 5 song EP in May before moving to Texas looking for greener pastures.
  • Singer/Songwriter Joe Ecker has completed recording two new original songs before taking a brief hiatus.
  • New client Amy Savannah picked up mix #1 of her new song "The Women Wanna Rock" for her approval and it has the potential to get some major air play. What a great voice!
  • Another new client, Jayy Knight, has recorded a three song demo and is looking to start on an album and a video shoot. The kid is good!
  • Singer/songwriter Amy McMinn will start a new project in September.
  • New hot band with tons of potential is Mr. Ricter, also scheduled to start tracking in September.

New Studio Gear and Upgrades: We're constantly upgrading our gear and have the following new additions to report:

  • A matched pair of Neumann KM184 small diaphragm mics.
  • Ludwig Black Magic snare.
  • (3) new high end headphones from Shure, AKG and Audio Technica.
  • Radial JDX Amp Di and X-Amp Driver.
  • Pigtronix Philospher's Tone compression/sustainer pedal.
  • Native Instruments Maschine, beat production toolbox.

Studio Moves: Midnight Records Productions is pleased to announce that due to the successful completion of several important projects, we are moving ahead with our plans to establish an independent record label. A new e-commerce web site is in design and we are exploring contacts and options for national and international CD distribution.

Midnight Records Productions Compilation CD: We have completed an impressive compilation CD featuring 17 songs by 15 of our bands and singer/songwriters for use as a marketing tool.

Branching Out: Design work for a new commercial recording marketing brochure has been completed and the brochure is being printed. We'll be hitting the streets soon drumming up new commercial recording business.

Big Guns: The studio is pleased to announce that Terrance DH has joined our crew as head recording, mixing and mastering engineer. Terrance has over 13 years of experience and has recorded more than 100 albums. Also new to the team is superb woodwinds/composer/arranger/producer, John Flanders, we are excited to be able to do more work with John.

Video Production: Gregory C. Haynes has joined our team as head videographer and we are planning music video shoots for Dark Seas and Jayy Knight. More on video production to come.