January 14, 2015: The Utah Arts Alliance and Midnight Records Productions have acquired the legendary and iconic Counterpoint Studios building at 2335 S. West Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah 84115.

Midnight records Productions moved into Studio A at Counterpoint Studios in January of 2014 and were immediately impressed with the sound quality of the rooms, all of which have extensive acoustical treatment including reflection, diffusion and absorption. The quality of the live recordings being captured is exceptional and is in tune with our recording philosophy of recording in the air, not in the box. Our high quality microphones, and analog preamps, compressors, limiters and effects processors are being used to their full potential at Counterpoint Studios. Studio A consists of a large and comfortable control room, a large and inviting live room, two great isolation rooms and a vocal booth. An artist's lounge and kitchen round out the onsite amenities that make recording experiences at Counterpoint productive and memorable.

Also acquired are the prized Fazioli grand piano and the fabulous GenElec monitor speakers, both are exceptional recording and monitoring instruments of the highest caliber.

In keeping with our commitment to high quality analog sound and recording techniques, MRP has also acquired a bevy of tape recording machines including a much coveted Studer A80 24 channel, 2 inch tape recorder, an Otari MTR-20, 1/2 inch tape mastering machine and several Ampex AG-440 1/2 inch tape mastering machines. For the analog purist, we can now record 24 channels direct to tape, mix and master to tape and go direct to vinyl without ever touching a digital device.

To provide a non-compromising high fidelity analog signal path to the tape machines, we have acquired a to-die-for Audient ASP 8024 32 channel analog recording console. This is the same machine used by Pete Townsend and many legendary recording artists and studios.

At MRP we are dedicated to providing the highest quality recording services possible including analog mixing and mastering services by our head engineer, Terrance DH, DH Audio Services.

New equipment recently added to our arsenal include: Lynx Aurora, Audient ASP 8024, Studer A80, Otari MTR-20, Ampex AG-440.

Midnight Records Productions is the Recording Arts program of the Utah Arts Alliance, a 501c3 not-for-profit arts organization. Our mission is to provide affordable and high quality recording services for local bands, singer/songwriters, instrumentalists, performing artists, voice-overs and commercials. In addition, we provide music publishing, distribution and music videos.

Midnight Records Productions is affiliated with Gregory C. Haynes and offers high quality and affordable videography services.