Mission Statement

At Midnight Records Productions, our primary focus is on the artist and providing a comfortable, relaxed, creative environment where artists can come together to achieve their common musical goals and get their best performances recorded.

As performing musicians and visual artists ourselves, we understand the needs and struggles of the contemporary artist.

We approach recording with attention to detail and creative intent. We pride ourselves on finding unique solutions to individual musical problems. We are not content with the ordinary and get great satisfaction in being extraordinary.

At Midnight Records Productions, we see things not in black and white but in infinite shades of gray. From the sublime to the severe, we can handle all musical styles and develop creative solutions.

Our recording equipment utilizes both state of the art analog and digital technology. We believe in the inherent warmth of an analog signal path to digital media and have spared no expense ensuring that our end result sounds as warm and appealing as possible.

Midnight Records Productions is an affiliate program of the Utah Arts Alliance, a 501c3 registered non-profit arts group. As such, we can provide discounted recording services that are affordable for almost anyone. If you have the talent and desire to make high quality recordings, we can help.

We feel privileged to have the opportunity to help bring your creative visions to the public and the world.