Joe Ecker

Joe Ecker is a young and very talented singer/songwriter from Salt Lake City, Utah, with an intense desire to share his positive and inspired music with the world. He currently resides in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Joe started his musical journey in high school, when he told his friends he could play the bass guitar so he could get into the band that they were starting. He showed up to practice the next day with a new bass guitar and amp and never looked back.

Since then, Joe has been part of many different bands working in many different genres, ranging from hardcore metal and screamo to soft acoustic rock. He's gained an appreciation for all kinds of music and has discovered a genuine love and respect for the songwriting process. He first picked up an acoustic guitar back in high school, but that was put on hold to learn the bass. He started learning acoustic guitar again as he began the first songwriting efforts of his career as a singer/songwriter.

Joe has written a variety of songs that express his positive, uplifting feelings and emotions about life and the human condition. He owes his musical inspiration to artists such as Radiohead, Goo Goo Dolls, Coldplay, Glen Hansard, and Tom Delogne (Angels & Airwaves, Blink-182). Joe's approach is that each instrumental and lyric is somewhat simplistic, but when combined, they interweave into a complex mirage of sounds and emotions.

Joe's personal goal is to be a professional musician and dedicate his life's work to the creation and performance of beautiful and inspiring music, and to share it with the world. His first recorded tracks as a singer/songwriter have been assembled into a five song EP titled Into the World. The album is being distributed by Catapult Distribution and is available on iTunes and other internet stores.