Artist List

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A wide range of artists have taken advantage of our state-of-the-art facility and dedicated staff to record their music. Our expertise in recording, mixing and mastering allows us to get the best sounding audio for any style of music, including all flavors of rock, country, pop, hip-hop, jazz, blues and folk. The following list represents many of the artists who have chosen to record with us.

The Animals Know

Post punk rock aesthetics with twin, psychedelic, raging guitars and socially conscious lyrics.

Athena's Score

Indie rock.

The Boarders

Three-piece feel-good indie rock with infectuous beats, a social consciousness and a bit of a garage rock aesthetic.

Marshall Boulware

Country singer/songwriter with engaging personal stories to tell, great vocals and a fabulous 12 string guitar.

Candy's River House

Southern rock resurrection that targets the hard rock desire with their all-out high-energy performances.

Cerulean Blue Music Consortium

Jazz and blues.

James Christensen

Indie rock singer/songwriter.

Dark Seas

Garage rock at it's finest with a healthy dose of surf rock thrown in. Singer Kyle Wilcox has a great voice that just keeps getting better.

Gregory Donovan

Contemporary country-flavored rock with an upbeat tempo and an uplifting message.

Joe Ecker

Instruments and lyrics weave a complex mirage of uplifting sound and emotion, inspired by artists such as Radiohead, Goo Goo Dolls, Coldplay, Glen Hansard and Tom Delogne.


Post punk.


Indie rock.


Indie rock.

Guitar Cat and the Prowlers

Classic blues and rock.

Isle of Skye

An eclectic fusion of rock, celtic folk, roots country, delta blues, jazz, gospel, american gothic and classical, paired with introspective and thoughtful songwriting.

J.J. Jennings

Country rock singer/songwriter with a seasoned voice and great stories to tell.

Craig Keyes

Contemporary acoustic indie rock singer/songwriter.

Jayy Knight

Rap and R & B.


Rap and R & B.

Lucid 8

High octane rock & roll music with socially conscious themes and an infectious live sound.

Max Pain and the Groovies

Indie rock.

Patrick McEwen

Acoustic finger style guitar, and slide and dobro blues.

Michael Melik

Russian folk singer.

Merit Badge

Energetic two-piece indie rock with a big sound incorporating octave and looper pedals as well as multiple guitar amps.

Oh! Wild Birds

Indie rock.

Puny Humans

Experimental rock.

River House Band

Acoustic rock and blues.

Karsyn Robb

Country singer/songwriter.

Russ Hermann

Contemporary acoustic.

Rule of the Bone

Driving hard rock with dual guitars and searing vocals, drawing inspiration from such classic bands as Motorhead, AC/DC and Judas Priest.

Amy Savannah

Pop singer/songwriter.

South of Ramona

Indie rock.


Acoustic singer/songwriter.


Indie rock.